Joris Smeuninx

One definition of design is  and this is probably our favourite at Dyson : the process of problem solving.

This is just as valid for product designers as it is for fine artists.

So, from an engineering standpoint, a designed object is one that conforms to a set of specifications - that trio of function, form and constraints. And for a design to be successful, it must - through the process of research, comparison, analysis and creation - produce a solution to a given problem. This is exactly what we liked in Joris' project of rucksack. What is the main problem with rucksack when you are doing some sport? Comfort, making the load less painful. Joris has analysed the problem and is coming back with some smart solution.

Joris Smeuninx is 24 years old and has graduated this year from the Hoger lnstituut voor Ontwerpwetenschappen. Department Productdesign in Antwerp.

De Tartaruga is een rugzak voor wintersporters die de volledige inhoud, maar ook de rug beschermt. De extra lichte platen beschermen de inhoud.

The Tartaruga is a backpack for wintersporters, which protects the whole content, as well as the back. The extra light shells protect the content. As they can move separately, the wintersporter will not be hindered in his movements. An integrated back protection opposes the movement of the back when it bends in the direction of lumbal extension, so that dangerous hyperextension injuries can be avoided. Furthermore, the moisture transport has been significantly optimised in comparison with the traditional back protections. This has been achieved by integrating the back protection in the comfort mousse, and creating an air-inlet in the comfort mousse.