Woodface - Product on the market

Woodface - Product on the market

Woodface is a vertical wall cladding made from a unique combination of wood and aluminium.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2014 Nomination

Edition 2014


Façade cladding


Design  Roel Vandebeek

(Depot Roel Vandebeek)


Company  Outdoor Wood

Concepts (OWC)


Wood and aluminium

It offers the possibility of combining three different widths and thicknesses of wooden strips. The aluminium profile connects the wooden strips together and can be coated in any colour. Customers can decide the unique pattern of widths and depths themselves.

Wooden strips, which are short in length and therefore harder to sell, are connected together by finger joints. This gives Woodface an extra accent. The advantage with this technique is that it provides an optimal application for the wood.