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pars pro toto
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Pars Pro Toto your growth, our design
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Jabbla - we all have a voice
18 cm x 25.2 cm x 1,5/4 cm
injection molding

in the category

Consumer Award 2020

The Vibe is an inclusive communication tool especially developed for the growing group of mobile young people with aphasia. Designing the tablet, focus was on the user and his environment. During the research, several obstacles came up which were solved in this new computer.

This lightweight and practical format (with a 10’ touchscreen) provides a very portable and mobile communication device. The device has an integrated display on the front-and backside and became a unique device in supporting communication. The display on the backside ensures bystanders to read along and anticipate on the message that is formed and will be converted to speech, which makes natural communication easier. Face to face communication with friends, family and supervisors becomes self-evident and effective. Also, they tried to make a device that could compete with the usual consumer products and that was inconspicuous.

Just like the everyday mobile phones, there is an integrated camera, so the Vibe user can take pictures and share them with others. Beside the easy to use aspects, Jabbla stores by sustainability. The product is developed in a way it can be used for years.

When there are technical problems, Vibe provides an easy reparation. The serviceability is an important aspect of developing this type of products, purchase value is high because of the small production volumes and because this product has to serve its buyers for several years. The extra protection cover plays an important role is this story, as well as the high-quality and scratch proof plastic. Producing the components, 10% of recyclates and defect elements were used, for example a broken display can be separately replaced.