Autofocal smart glasses


Name of agency
Achilles Design
Name of designer(s)
Achilles Design Team
Name of company
Morrow NV
4,7 cm x 14 cm x 16 cm
SLS PA12 / verschillende kunststoffen
3D printing / spuitgieten

in the category

Consumer Award 2020

Morrow offers the highest visual comfort, developed for 2,2 billion people with impaired vision. Sharp vision, far away, close or in between: it’s your choice. Such a large peripheral vision, this all in one glasses. No need to change, always the best viewing experience in every situation. A patent-pending lens-in-foil turns the highest quality optics into an active device. The focus can be adjusted with an easy push on the button, integrated in the glasses. The lens-in-foil contains a thin layer of liquid crystal of which the index of refraction can be electrically adjusted. Back and front surfaces can be tailored to the visual needs of the customer. The result is an adjustable lens with a changed dioptre. Highest quality coatings offer outstanding anti-reflective properties and premium-class durability. This technology can be integrated in almost every frame so everyone can express their own personality. Autofocals are powered by a battery designed to last more than one week and to be charged within one hour. So, wherever you are venturing, you will have a sharp vision.

The frame of the Morrow glasses is manufactured in PA12 (Polyamide of Nylon 12) using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). With this technique the product is developed pairwise by melting the powder parts to each other. This creates almost no garbage and stock isn’t necessary anymore because they produce small volumes. Moreover, the glasses are assembled with bolts and snap connections. In this way internal, electronic components can be changed easily. At the end of the life cycle all of the components can be disassembled and recycled easily.