Tapijt Nummer Elf

Francine Van Der Biest
300 x 200 cm
100% wool

"Seeking balance, harmony, simplicity;
Pursuing refinement;
Working with minimal forms;
Drawing from tradition, culture, nature;
Choosing consciously for the existential;
Creating form in textile."

By Christian Oosterlinck
'Tapijt Nummer Elf' (1996)
'Tapijt Nummer Elf' (1996)

For Francine Van der Biest, the visual image always remains predominant whatever the means employed to give the image solid form. The work reflects a contrast between the image and the medium. The image consists of strict, geometric and minimal shapes. It is an architectural detail without frills or demagogy. The medium, be it carpet, fabric, linen or wool, radiates warmth, softness and sensuality.

Francine Van der Biest works as an industrial designer on textile collections for furnishing fabrics, curtain fabrics, carpets and more. Her own label "Axe" covers limited editions of furnishing fabrics and hand-tufted carpets.

Currently she stands on the brink of a transition, into developing carpets for industrial production. The restrictions associated with this are yet further motivation for her to use her minimalist design form to ultimate effect.