Chaise Longue

Maarten Van Severen
65 x 50 x 180 cm
Polyester reinforced with glass fibe, aluminium

"The chair is the place of man. The table defines the space." That is how Maarten Van Severen defined his work in an early folder. 

By Christian Oosterlinck
Chaise Longue (1996)
Chaise Longue (1996)

With this statement, he expresses the two main aspects of his furniture. On the one hand, his work is strictly functional and minimalist, stripped of all decorative detail. Austere horizontal and vertical lines construct the form, like in the work of his father Dan Van Severen; slight curves are only present if required by the body. On the other hand, it contains architectural shapes. Every measurement is a search for the ideal proportions. This is a relic from his architectural training which he never finished.

The beauty of the material also receives pride of place: the aluminium is perfectly sanded and pearl-blasted; the wood is bare. The fragility accentuates the sensitivity of the piece of furniture. The main characteristics of the workshop are careful treatment and perfection. lt took him years to master the right techniques and to pass them on to his assistants.

In recent years, Maarten Van Severen has grown into a renowned furniture designer, not only at home but also abroad. The Chaise Longue undoubtedly represents a new step in his oeuvre. He experiments with other materials such as polyester and glass fibre; in various stages, the mould is turned into a perfect shape.