Michaƫl Kruijne
stoel 79,1 x 102,5 x 90,4 cm; ottoman 36,3 x 62,6 x 49,2 cm
powder-coated steel box profiles; seating elements: recycled desks, cold foam, upholstery
welding, powder coating, traditional upholstery
part artisanal, part industrial

Poly is a low lounge chair with a wide armrest that facilitates the use of a laptop or tablet.

Poly is a low lounge chair with a wide armrest that facilitates the use of a laptop or tablet. The concept works with different facets positioned at an angle to each other, approximating an ergonomic bucket seat. The chair is designed from a circular perspective and has an efficient production process. Drisag produces locally and sells directly from the manufacturer to the customer, which ensures a short chain and accessible aftercare, such as for repair and reuse.

The jury on Poly:

Poly lives up to its name; it is a truly comfortable chair. Due to the method of manufacture, the chair is also reparable. It’s a cheerful chair in which you can completely express your own preference for colour and material. The fact that it is designed and manufactured in Belgium guarantees a short chain. 

What makes your project so special?

The Poly concept started from various aspects, namely ‘form follows function’, ‘frugality’ and ‘foresight function’. The concept is a seat on the boundary between relaxation and productivity. Its multi-functionality results in use maximisation. Frugality: the concept of constructive simplification in order to reduce material surpluses and increase reparability with Drisag as local producer. Kiss (keep it smart & simple)! Foresight: the review of residual material and waste. First, we reduce surpluses through an efficient production process, and then integrate residual materials and waste into the supply chain as new raw materials.

How does it contribute to a better world?

Poly aims to shift part of our professional life into a comfortable lounge chair. The variation in working environment breaks routine and stagnation and thus contributes to well-being. More important, however, is the issue of the depletion of natural resources and the waste mountain, whose growth is becoming unmanageable. This is one of the greatest challenges of the future. It is very important to take action now and put efficiency first according to the seven Rs of the circular economy: Rethink, Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle and Recover. The Poly concept aims to illustrate how this mindset can result in valuable pieces of furniture.

Do you have any further plans for this project?

Poly is now being developed into a full range of chairs, lounge chairs and stools in two versions. The up version maximises the use of residual materials. Wooden parts are made from discarded office tables. Metal parts are powder coated with 100% residual powder. Upholstery is done with surplus fabrics. The limited edition series see us working in particular colour combinations, the aim being to completely reduce all surplus fabric at Drisag to zero in the coming years. The re version is made from recycled materials and focuses on minimising the environmental impact at the end of the life cycle. For example, the upholstery is made from recycled textiles, using plastic from the oceans as a raw material.