Leap Forward
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Anyone who wants to renovate their house, has often to deal with several barriers.

Besides the financial plan, lack of knowledge or where to start, what to do and in what order are the most mentioned obstacles. The Flemish Government wants to facilitate the renovation of your own house with Woningpas. They want to stimulate buyers, salesmen and owners to take more eco-conscious and sustainable decisions. Woningpas is a free digital passport that brings all of the information together about a house. Here the owner can find info about certificates, licences, attestations and data about energy (from the energy performance certificate or EPC), soil, environment and so on. With Woningpas the government wants one unique and overall file for a house. It has three advantages for citizens: awareness of rights and obligations when buying, selling, building and renovating a house; they can consult information and advice in one place; and they can share info with other people in the future.

The platform contains no new information, but it collects information from current databases of government services. This deliberate strategic choice ensures the authorities need to do a minimum effort and can keep functionating as before. Before citizens had to consult various websites to collect information, with Woningpas they now have one place to consult with all the information of the house. Woningpas keeps expanding. So in the future, there will be added more functionalities and new themes. The Flemish Government hopes that this widely supported platform gives proprietors the chance to take more well considered decisions about how and when to start renovating a house. Woningpas plays an important role in the sustainable house renovating strategy 2050 of the Flemish Government, where an integrated approach of several aspects like energy, asbestos, materials and quality level contributes to achieve this long-term target.