Xeikon CX500

Achilles Design
Xeikon Manufacturing NV
188cm x 302cm x 250cm
Staal, aluminium en kunststof
Plaatwerk, extrusie en frezen
Digital Printing Press for high quality labels.

The Xeikon CX500 is the first digital label printing press based on a modernised dry toner platform that combines speed, versatility and print quality. These characteristics translate into its idiosyncratic, iconic appearance. However, the most characteristic feature of this machine is the integrated interface. This really brings the machine to life. By using indirect light, the status of the machine is displayed in a sophisticated way over the entire cornice, so that it is clearly visible from all directions. In addition, the operator is alerted to the need to top up a particular toner by the appearance of the associated letter (C, M, Y or K) on the housing. Such an integration of the digital interface and physical design of the machine is unique in this market.