Marbul Suspension Adjustable

Jeffrey Huyghe
Modular Lighting Instruments

When you have a single connection point in combination with suspended lighting, you almost never have the possibility to orient the light source.

On top of that, adjustable spots mounted on the ceiling can often be very glary. Marbul Suspension Adjustable solves these problems in a very elegant way through an ingenious rotation system that is partly in the spherical lamp housing and partly in the cylinder or the built-in connection point. Hereby the suspended light source achieves an inclination of 45° and a rotation of 360°, so that after installation you can still direct the light to any desired location.

Jeffrey Hughe.Marbul suspension adjustable, studio BOA, Modular Lighting Instruments
Jeffrey Hughe.Marbul suspension adjustable, studio BOA, Modular Lighting Instruments

The glare problem is solved on the one hand by the flexibility of the ingenious rotation system, but also by the inhouse developed aluminum reflectors. The shape of these reflectors allows the LED source to be deeply recessed, resulting in excellent anti-glare features. These reflectors can be magnetically attached and are offered separately. This results not only in a logistical advantage, but also offers the customer the opportunity to play with different beam angles (spot, medium and flood) and colors (gold, champagne and silver anodization). Besides the fact that the adjustability of the Marbul is very functional, it also offers the possibility to create playful compositions by experimenting with different rotational angles and heights of multiple light sources. Marbul Suspension Adjustable is part of a bigger product family. This means that from now on you will have all possible light solutions within the same product family (built-in, built-up and suspended) which makes it fun and interesting to use the same design in different applications through a specific project. Marbul was initially developed for the renovation market. After all, every variant is available in a surface-mounted version (with integrated LED gear) and with one or more directional light sources. A grateful feature in existing situations (with limited electrical points) where you want to have the right amount of light at the right place.