Frank Ternier
Insiders know that Frank Ternier often has the hand in other’s furniture, but occasionally the studio also launches its own work under the label Labt.
Atelier Ternier _ Stubs
Atelier Ternier _ Stubs

With Stubs, Frank Ternier developed four colorful and stackable chairs that together form a whole. The diffculty was to determine the best angle, both esthetically and functionally, to glue the legs together and give them the acquired strength. Ternier wanted to make the stools stackable so he decided to ft the legs in the same circular face. This circular face is created by the angle of the different stool legs. The perfect angle to guarantee stability also generates a shadow side. He wanted to use this subtle double tone in the surface fnish by choosing for a colored glazing hence keeping the layered characteristic of plywood. He picked 10 base colors that were sprayed on top of each other thereby enhancing certain colors while breaking others. Out of the hundred different shades he decided on 6 fnal colors completed by black and white to create 2 sets of 4. The stools are sold in two mixed color combinations or in various unicolor sets.