Pjotr Grafisch Ontwerp
Heren Vertrekt
26 x 21 x 1
In addition to a legendary Hungarian soccer player who sparkled at Real Madrid and the Magic Hungarians in the 1960s, Puskás was also a four-year-old luxury magazine about soccer by the makers of the cycling magazine Bahamontes.

Pjotr Graphic Design made this modern and timeless magazine with an eye for space, photography, graphic design and beautiful stories.

Puskas is an offline-only football magazine that stopped publishing in september 2017, after five editions, because of the lack of subscribers and ad revenue and the barriers that all the printed media had in recent years.

However, the makers of Puskás are still convinced that there is a market for these kind of football with original, extensive reports, in-depth interviews and beautiful photographs, both in the past and now, at home and abroad. Pjotr's graphic collected their stories in a thoughtful typography and design, with great attention for photography and space. For his layout, Pjotr was inspired by the shapes and lines of the football field, and used club emblems and other football items as a basis for a contemporary, quirky and highly recognizable design style.

In this way, the offline-only football magazine tried to combat the abundance of online magazines by providing space for longer, timeless and more in-depth articles that do not lose their relevance over time. Puskas took part in the slow journalism-flow and became a magazine that should still be interesting to read after years.