Margot Thyssen
9,5/14 × 8/12 × 4,4/6,5 cm
(Bone china) porcelain
Traditional casting

Twins is the result of many years of research. Dissatisfied with the distortion that is typical of the slip casting technique for cast porcelain, Margot Thyssen studied and trained herself in the multilayer slip casting technique.

Twins was produced in three layers of porcelain (white-black-white or white-grey-white). Her exceptional command of this technique combined with the right firing temperature and times for these pieces afford her the maximum room with which to play with transparency. The coloured intermediate layer shines through the white porcelain and appears as a fine line or surface caught between the two white layers.

The outside has a matte polish and is quite tactile, the texture of which has a pleasant, soft feel. The inside is covered with a transparent glaze, adding a light grey, glassy sheen to the porcelain.

Twins, Margot Thyssen
Twins, Margot Thyssen