The Siblings

Frederik Delbart Design Studio
95/55/31,5 × 15 × 10 cm
Wood, borosillicate glass, LED

The Siblings, a versatile lighting system, is the result of a two-fold study into the aesthetics of laboratory glassware and the use of the most recent LEDs and OLEDs.

The poetic combination of borosilicate glass and light kindled the idea of allowing the glass conical form function as both supporting structure and diffuser of light. The keyword here is clarity — in both form and function. As a reinterpretation of the work light, the lamp is portable, allowing the user to carry it with him/her as needed. By combining it with its Siblings, a collection of wooden bases made of oak, it turns into a new lamp with a new function, such as a table lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp. Based on several years of research and development, the designer arrived at an ultra-thin LED module. This provides a solution for all of the main issues, such as dimmability, heat distribution and a pleasant distribution of light.

The Siblings, Frederik Delbart