Caroline Voet
44,8 × 44,8 × 26,4 cm
Steel and wood

Caroline Voet designed Stool in 2010 as part of the interior of the artist loges in Antwerp’s De Singel arts centre. It was recently included in the collection of Drisag.

Stool is a new interpretation of the archetypical milking stool, a stool with a wide, shallow seat and splayed legs. Stool also has such typically splayed legs, but in steel. Their contours and smooth underside remind the viewer of a goat’s widely spread legs. As a free-standing stool, this gives Stool a distinct and somewhat obstinate character.

Stool, Caroline Voet

Stool’s oak seat is broad and slightly bowed in one direction. This shape arises from extruding a curved contour. This creates two distinct directions, whereby Stool invites you to sit down in two different ways. You can approach it from the front, with the broad seat bordering on the ergonomics of a good chair. From the other direction, Stool becomes just that, a narrower stool. When lined up in a row, Stool assumes a subtle position within the space alongside a table or wall. And thanks to the cut-away in the seat the stool can be easily lifted up and relocated.