Couvreur & Devos
Modular Lighting Instruments
12,4 × 24,7 (× 7,8) × 24,7 (× 4,6) cm
What’s so unique about the Rektor spotlight is that all the technical features have been integrated in the fixture.

Thanks to its innovative tilting technology, you can rotate the bulb holder 360° and adjust the spotlight 90° upwards or downwards — all without a single wire being visible.

Rektor has a stylish two-tone look. The bulb holder always comes with a white or black texture, and the gear housing is finished with the desired colour accent. Customers can choose between brushed aluminium, chrome and the new smoked bronze finish.

Rektor’s sleek design allows you to create a symbolic line of light on the ceiling. This spotlight can be mounted on either ceilings or walls.

Rektor, Couvreur & Devos