Studio Dos Santos
Lithoss NV
8×10,4×2,7 cm
Composite and exlusive minerals

Often a light switch looks at first glance like a very banal element in an interior design. Piano has an attractive minimalist and futuristic shape, adding a decorative touch to a room.

Yet Piano is much more than just a mechanism for switching on the light or drawing on the power supply. Its design is based on a piano’s ‘soft keys’. When viewed from the front, Piano conceals the frame behind it, leaving only the buttons visible. This allows for smooth horizontal or vertical switching with an infinite number of light switches, which are available in white, black or grey. Two colours can be combined onto one cover plate. The designer hereby attained the essence of the light switch, a sort of building block design — the archetype of architecture.

A deliberate choice was made to use a high-grade composite material fortified with select minerals. The material has a cold, solid feel. This underscores the quality of the Lithoss collection, which places a special focus on innovative materials, workmanship, functionality and ergonomic design. A double removable pin connector makes installation easy.

Piano won the internationally renowned Global Excellence Award from IIDA this year. It also received the PMV | CultuurInvest Prize.

Piano, David Dos Santos