Belgium Xtra Bold

Sanny Winters
24×17×2 cm
Munken polar rough and Wibalin hardcover
In Belgium Xtra Bold, Sanny Winters analyses Belgium in a graphical manner, presenting 128 bright typographical prints in her characteristic style.

Averse to any political leaning, the book provides an unbiased look at Belgian heroes, national events and the differences and similarities between Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia.

After numerous brainstorming sessions with Flemings, Walloons and inhabitants of Brussels, Sanny Winters developed this quadrilingual book, which gives people a chance to see what’s happening on the other side of the fence and holds up a mirror to each inhabitant of this country. The result is a product which, in both form and content, consciously transcends the fleeting nature of current affairs. Something enduring like a book, particularly one which communicates visually in a trilingual country, is the ideal medium.

Belgium Xtra Bold paints a fun picture of a Belgium full of deep thinkers, and provides an excellent graphic alternative to many statements made about the country.