Banknotes - Al slapend rijk worden

Sofie Lachaert & Luc d’Hanis (slld)
Verschillende afmetingen
Belgian linen, satin cotton and silver thread
The Grow rich while you sleep bed linen is the result of a collaboration between Sofie Lachaert & Luc d’Hanis (slld) and textile company Verilin, which specialises in traditional Jacquard weaves.

They started from the natural and local quality materials of flax and satin cotton, both of which ensure good temperature regulation, high absorbency and a pleasant feel.

The decor of the bed linen consists of a highly magnified version of the graphic motif that appears on ‘non-counterfeitable’ banknotes. But in order to convert this complex pattern into a digital Jacquard design, Verilin had to combine traditional weaving techniques with high-tech expertise, something which yielded a ‘Masters of Linen Label’. Each structure had to be converted into a weave with texture. In addition to the technical features of the machinery, the stability of the weaves in the fabric, an optimal colour rendering and an accurate positioning also had to be taken into consideration.

Grow rich while you sleep, photo Kurt Stallaert

The woven threads become part of the design. Slld robs the currency of its nominal value, clearing the way for the consumer’s own personal value and appreciation. The familiar image of a banknote fades away to reveal the intrinsic beauty of the delicately coloured lines, which symbolise the relativity of values, the arrogance of speculation and the fragility of power based on wealth. What remains is the intrinsic beauty of the coloured curves.