Matthias De Buck
Innodux BVBA
9,2×9,2×1,5 cm

The Aesteem light switch was designed on the basis of touch and swipe technology. In a single motion, one or more light sources can be switched on or off or dimmed.

Aesteem features an innovative sliding design in which each of the four buttons always returns to its original position. An optional LED can be placed behind each button. This makes it easy to find the switch in the dark, and you always know which button is currently in use. Each switch can control between one and four lights. This reduces the number of inside light switches needed.

The switches come standard in a black or white aluminium finish, but they are also available in assorted colours. Innodux is also working on the development of other finishing materials such as wood and marble so that the switch can be seamlessly integrated into the room’s interior. In addition to the switch itself, matching wall outlets and accessories are also available.