Raphaël Charles
38 cm
Raphaël Charles enjoys examining and manipulating materials. He wants to “tame” the material. He plays with the illusion of the material in his designs. 

Such strategies surprise the observers and also provoke them slightly. Raphaël is also continuously bringing the form and functionality into question. The Multiple table consists of a group of modules in solid beech that are “glued” to one another by an invisible magnetic system. As a result, the table can be assembled and taken apart in an endless number of ways.

In 2010, Multiple received the Design Flanders award at the Design Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk. The first prototype of this table, in the shape of the map of Belgium, is part of the private collection of Prince Philippe of Belgium. Charles is every inch a designer. He gives new meaning to existing objects, whereby the objects remain simple and relevant and always retain their functional and human characteristics.

Multiple, Raphaël Charles
Multiple, Raphaël Charles