Doutreligne 7

GBO Design (Eric Dumortier)
Piano's Maene
100 x 144 x 185 cm
wood, cast iron
Doutreligne 7 combines simplicity with pure elegance. Lines are reduced to their essence to strengthen the character of the piano. With its oblique legs, the piano appears to kneel, inviting you to play it.

It is an instrument with a vibrant soul and a desire for contemporary culture. All parts of Doutreligne 7 have been carefully selected and assembled. It is the result of 70 years of craftsmanship. The Color Label 7 pianos are finished in white, except for the upholstery of the seat and the inside of the lid, which are available in different colours. The Black Label pianos are finished in black, except for the strings and the keys.

Doutreligne 7, GBO
Doutreligne 7, GBO

The new, contemporary grand piano is not an object of art, but an instrument loved by many musicians. It is the translation and styling of the traditional instrument into a contemporary piece of furniture that merges with current trends in interiors. In short, a traditional instrument designed for tomorrow.