Klaas Arnout & Sandra Maes
8 x 8 x 0,8 cm
Brushed, anodised or painted aluminium, nickel-plated or bronzed brass
The design of Deseo arises from a search for balance between functionality, ease-of-use and a rigorously minimalist, refined aesthetic design. 

For a home automation system, user-friendliness is of prime importance. The room controller is an essential part of this. The most commonly used functions, such as lighting and calling up pre-defined atmospheres, are operated with switches. Deseo combines these functions, operates the blinds, air conditioning and ventilation and also serves as a thermostat. Deseo does not have any unnecessary buttons or lights or a big screen with endless, complicated options and scroll functions. All it has is a clear message in a large font size, which only displays the function currently being used by the user. Touching anywhere on the surface activates the multi-touch function, and all functions can be switched on or off with a single movement. The touching of the room controller is detected by an innovative electronic circuit based on capacitive technology.

Deseo, Arnout en Maes voor Basalte

The touch-sensitive surfaces of Deseo are made of high-quality materials such as brushed or painted aluminium. In the Classic Line, timeless materials such as brass base bronze and nickel have been used.