°on line

Eden Design
H 30 x B 2 x 400 cm (rail + armaturen)
Here and gone again. That is the strength of the thin black line, built in or hinged, on which various LED fittings can be mounted, via an innovative and advanced system of magnets and contacts.

The style of the LED fittings is similar, yet each has their own character and specific lighting quality. They go from a mini directional spotlight, ‘dot’, via the built-in or extension strips, ‘in’ & ‘out’ (both 30 cm), to a folding plate, ‘knick’, with angle rotation. In contrast to most rail systems, this system is innovative thanks to the ease with which the fittings can be moved and tilted, and its subtle presence. With its refined aura, the °online can be incorporated into any setting.

°on line, Bart Lens
°on line, Bart Lens