Das Brett

Kaspar Hamacher
4,5 x 220 x 20 cm
Last year, visitors to the Henry van de Velde Awards & Labels 2010 exhibition could choose from seven products, all of which were exhibited in the ‘Loketten’ hall of the Flemish Parliament building. It turned into an exciting contest which was won by the bookshelf Das Brett from Kaspar Hamacher.

Das Brett is a massif oak shelf made using traditional methods. The unique feature of this bookshelf is that the books on the shelf support each other because the shelf slopes into the middle. This makes the bookshelf both a joist and a support. The concave top is diametrically opposed to the flat underside, giving it a special aesthetic tension.

Das Brett is completely in keeping with Kaspar Hamacher’s philosophy. This is what he has to say about his work: “I try to create objects with clear lines. Meaning mainly basic furniture such as chairs, tables, shelves or cupboards. I want to bring meaning to my work in an artistic manner, without losing sight of functionality, both with respect to the form and use of the object. The rawness and authenticity of nature are of central importance in my work. Nature is my source of inspiration. I believe in pure and honest objects with well-balanced forms. There is a clearly perceptible difference between the purely natural and the technological product. Some things, such as the warmth of the wood, the smell and feel of leather, the individual elements and so on are impossible to reproduce.”