Sylvain Willenz
Freecom Technologies BV
10,98 x 7,95 x 1,35 cm
Thanks to the new Mobile Drive CLS series from Freecom, hard drive storage takes on a whole new dimension.

Up to now, a hard drive has mainly been seen as a component for in the computer (internal hard drive) or as a simple way of creating extra storage space (external hard drive). It is perfectly normal to have more than one external hard drive in today’s world. These drives often contain all manner of data, making it difficult to find a particular file, number or clip.

The Mobile Drive CLS creates order out of chaos; now you simply have to label your drive according to its contents. The label is placed behind the window on the side. One disk for films, one for music, one for work, one for back-ups, one for each member of your family; you name it. From now on, your data are easy to find. Can you still see them, those old cassette tapes, video cassettes and diskettes? Use the latest version in the 21st century: the Mobile Drive CLS!

The loose drives are simply connected to a PC, Mac or laptop via USB. You can also put them in the specially designed CLS dock, which lets you connect up to three drives at a time to your computer. Each drive is shown on your computer with a separate letter. You can safely store your drives in the clear, stackable box, which protects them from dust, damage and scratches. The drive comes with a USB cable, box and extra labels.