Freecom Mobile Drive XXS

Sylvain Willenz
Freecom Technologies b.v.
10,98 x 7,95 x 1,35 cm
With USB 2.0 connection and 320, 250 or 160 GB memory, in synthetic plastic, injection moulding

The Freecom Mobile Drive XXS is the world’s smallest external hard drive and is specifically targeted at consumers, who increasingly demand large storage capacity in a small device.

The XXS is ideal for file sharing, making back-ups, for storing photos and MP3 files and for archiving and installing software on multiple PCs. There is no external power supply, so the user does not have to carry around any extra weight and the hard drive fits easily into a laptop bag or a coat pocket. The XXS is finished in rubber, which provides a better grip, and is completely silent because it has no ventilation fan.