Linde Hermans

The talented Linde Hermans (born 1974) has quickly accumulated an enviable list of honours.

By Inge Vranken

Already during her studies in product design at the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg in Genk, she completed an internship with trend watcher Li Edelkoort in Paris (1995). A year later her Libelle hanging lamp placed her among the laureates in the Weekend Knack lighting fixtures competition, and she was offered an internship with Jorge Pensi in Barcelona (1997). Her final project in the same year won the Limburg Provincial Prize for Applied Arts, and immediately after completing her studies she acquired professional experience at Antwerp design agency KAN Design Consultants and subsequently with the designer Casimir (Heusden), with whom she shares a feeling for material and the craft aspect. (...)

She once said that she aims to respect her individuality as a woman in all of her designs. That puts her on the same wavelength as several other female designers, of whom Nedda El-Asmar is currently creating the most furore. Ten years ago (1996), she was honoured with the Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award. The two designers share a longing for timelessness, beauty and simplicity, putting things in perspective, giving concrete form to emotions, and respect for the material and finish. Linde can look forward to a handsome future.