Enthoven Associates
CAF, Spain

A total of 90 additional cars provide 40% more capacity in the Brussels metro network.

The new car has a revolutionary design that lives up to its name. The six cars forming a set are interconnected by gangways so passengers can easily move from one compartment to the next. This has the advantage of better passenger distribution in the cars, easier passenger exit from the cars, and an increased sense of security. The drivers can also change cabs without having to exit the trainset. The contribution from Enthoven Associates is primarily found in the key features of the Boa, which are: elegance and accessibility - including acces for passengers with limited mobility and room for wheelchairs, bicycles and prams; comfort - room for 728 passengers, including 198 seats, ergonomic and hygienic wooden benches, and ventilation; environmental compatibility - nearly silent operation using electric power, which is recuperated during braking; and safety - camera monitoring, sturdy grips on the poles and speed control.