Hans De Pelsmacker
165 x 34 x 200 cm
Aluminum, lacquered MDF, base: drawn steel

Babel PH07 is a concept for a series of bookcases where visualisation of a maze forms the basis for the design of book furniture, with the maze serving as a metaphor for man's eternal, wandering search for knowledge, enlightenment and mysticism.

Another point of departure is the involvement of the user's personality: on the one hand the user is forced to make choices and set priorities when arranging his or her books, and on the other hand books as spatial objects form an essential part of the furniture. In this way, the user can create his or her own composition in terms of content, form and colour by placing the books in the bookcase. The proportions are based on the Fibonacci series. The irregular openings let the user wander visually through his or library. Independent storage modules can be located and relocated according to the user's personal preference.