CUBEd - Product on the market

CUBEd - Product on the market

CUBEd, Valerie D'Haeze voor Boone n.v.
Lightness of weight, the possibility of personalization and a minimal use of materials makes CUBEd an environmentally sound product.

Ecodesign Label PRO by OVAM 2009

Edition 2009


A compact folding bed  


Design  Valerie Dhaeze


Company  Boone n.v.


(90 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm)

This folding bed consists of only four lightweight components (a thin MDF panel and a steel frame), which are compactly packed and therefore easy to store or transport. For the first time ever, the consumer can carry around a folding bed and in no time at all, fully assemble or dismantle it, move it around a room or to another location. The CUBEd can be arranged vertically and horizontally, and comes as a single or double bed. It is suitable for everyday use, e.g., in a student’s studio, or for guests. This solution saves a lot of room, liberating space for other activities. The consumer can also customise the CUBEd because in addition to nine contemporary colours painted in water-based gloss paint, it also comes in a paintable white lacquered version. The retractable leg serves as a clothes rail and a version in blackboard paint offers a fun alternative. A separate nightstand and a clothes hanger complete the CUBEd range.