Decay - Product in development

Decay - Product in development

Decay, Erik Hoedemakers
Decay, from the SWAMP collection, is a gorgeous, entirely wooden dining room chair, preserved in an environmentally responsible manner.

Ecodesign Award PRO by OVAM 2010

Editie 2010


An environmentally responsible

wooden dining room chair


Design  Erik Hoedemakers



The legs and back are scorched and the seat is mould and dry treated, thereby avoiding the use of carcinogenic substances. The chair also has a tropical look about it, whereas the timber is locally sourced. The chair is then treated with a natural oil. The use of materials is reduced to a minimum and the dimensions are based on the size of the baseboard. The modern wood joints, consisting of milled rectangular beech pegs, ensure less machining and are stronger in this design than traditional joints. The light weight of the chair reduces transport costs and increases its ease of use.

Erik Hoedemakers received a cash prize of EUR 2,000 for this design.