Twin Mirrors

Conversation piece


Name of designer(s)
Ben Storms
Name of agency
Atelier Ben Storms
Name of company
Bvba Ben Storms
180 x 200 x 4
Roestvrij staal gespiegeld en marmer gespiegeld (Noir de Mazy)
combinatie van fijn handwerk en hedendaagse 3d technieken. (lassen, metaalblazen/forceren met luchtdruk, 3d scannen, 3d frezen, polijsten). Met dank aan "Les carrières de Merbes Sprimont".
Partly by hand, partly industrial

in the category

Crafts by Bokrijk Award 2020

Twin Mirrors has a reflective function, literally and figuratively. The mirror itself gives a distorted view of reality, because of the curved shape and because a reflection can never be objective. The black mirror is a copy of this distorted reality and puts a blur on it. The hard reality fades and more space occurs for a (subjective) interpretation of the facts. Twin Mirrors is a reflection on our current perception because of image saturation, - disortion and source blur. We offer ourselves a manipulated version of reality which is prettier, more suitable and not showing what we don’t like.

The experimental technique of blowing up metal to a 3D shows up more often in the oeuvre of Ben Storms. This atypical adaption of thin sheet metal leads to a specific, recognizable design that strengthens the metal, it becomes more rigid. Technical and esthetic considerations go hand in hand. In a next phase the blew up form is digitized through 3D scanning and then it is sculpted with milling techniques out of a marble plate. In the last phase the rough marble is polished to a reflecting object, this takes several days. With Twin Mirrors, Ben Storms deceives the people. Marble loses mainly its frame of references of stone thanks to the unexpected blew up form and hyper polished workmanship. This discovery may feel like a surprise for the watcher, sharpens sight and questions the facts.