The Light Machine


Name of designer(s)
Bernard Rommens
Name of agency
Name of company
aluminium, leder, glas
Partly by hand, partly industrial

in the category

Habitat Award 2020

Re-Volt is a brand, a philosophy but most of all a blend of creatives and passionate craftsmen. They design and develop lighting and favour the kind of slow that lasts. On the other hand, they focus on sustainability. This creates beautiful products which last and can survive generation to generation.

Re-Volt doesn’t only want to distinguish itself in design and quality of the products. The Re-Volt team, its products, approach, communication and client contact: they reveal style is, profundity and are a bit dotty in a characteristic way. The Light Machine is inspired by a mix of film set lightning, military jerry cans and mechanical details of a machine. The dimmer can be adapted to the exact preferred voltage that’s showed on the integrated voltage meter. Because the lamp can be placed in several ways and the light density can be adapted, this little machine can be used in various ways: as an indirect uplighter in the corner of your living room, as an additional shop window light or even as a soft background light in your bedroom… All the components of the fixtures can be replaced, so they don’t end up in a garbage can after a first defect. The production of the components is a local activity and everything is assembled at Re-Volt. During the design process they try to work with as many mechanical connections as possible that are replaceable or reparable. Use of plastics is minimalized. The lighting can also be personalized for the clients.