Visit the exhibition at BOZAR

Tentoonstelling Henry van de Velde Awards. Photo: Fille Roelants

On 30 January 2018, the Henry van de Velde Awards were awarded in BOZAR in Brussels! Ten designers, companies and design projects received this prestigious awards. Discover all the winners in the free exhibition in the Foyers at BOZAR, Brussels. 

Isabelle Speybrouck is responsible for the scenography of the exhibition. 

Buy the catalogue at BOZAR!

Henry van de Velde Awards catalogus, vormgeving Geoffrey Brusatto.

Curious to get to know the winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards 17? Have you see the exhibition and you want to find our more? Don't hesitate and buy the catalogue Henry van de Velde Awards 17 in the bookshop at BOZAR, Brussels.

The catalogue is is designed by Geoffrey Brusatto

Meet the jury

Who will judge your object, project or service?

The Henry van de Velde Awards are judged by 2 seperate juries this year, a national and an international jury.

In May and June, the national jury gathers. They chose the Nominees. This takes two days.

The international jury gathers in September and choses the winner in each category.


We're proud to present the national jury: