Slaapcellen B-AND-BEE, foto Hannes Geipel
B-AND-BEE is an innovative overnight option with high density per square metre. The modules can be piled on top of each other up to four levels. B-AND-BEE is shaped like a honeycomb and offers users a unique experience. It also suits the growing need for a degree of luxury at festival campgrounds. Each module has storage space for luggage, a locker, lights and electricity. The bed can be transformed very easily into a comfortable armchair.

Henry van de Velde Public Award 2015

Edition 2015


Pop-up hotel 


Design Achilles Design


Stainless steel, wood,

EPS plywood, PVC sailcloth

166 × 191 × 250 m

The sleeping cells can be rented or offered to festival-goers and organisers, occasional users such as event and competition organisers, groups and aid workers (natural disasters, housing for homeless people and refugees).

The cells are simple and compact and can be piled up for transport, so as to contain a minimum of air. Unlike a tent, you can even place these simply on the hard ground. This limits the surface area needed and makes it possible to camp even on paved surfaces, not only on grassland.

Sleeping cells B-AND-BEE, photo Hannes Geipel
Sleeping cells B-AND-BEE, photo Hannes Geipel

Manufacturing is done entirely in Belgium, mainly in sheltered workshops. B-AND-BEE came about with a social objective: create more work for the participants, sheltered workshops and their affiliated non-profits. The production, operation and recovery of the hotel create extra jobs for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The components are made of sustainable materials.