Daily-Needs is a modular product for gardening and keeping smaller livestock. The programme provides tools for growing vegetables, storing garden equipment, keeping chickens, etc.

Henry van de Velde Public Award 2014

Edition 2014


A modular programme

for gardening and keeping

smaller livestock (chicken coop,

vegetable beds, garden storage)


Ontwerp Wim & Bob Segers

                 (Studio Segers)


Bedrijf Daily-Needs


Thermowood and

black concrete plex

The physical form of Daily-Needs references the archetypal house and is made of Thermowood: thermally treated pine from European forests that provides a natural appearance and ages gradually with a beautiful patina. The substructure is made of black concrete plex. This allows Daily-Needs to be placed in any natural surroundings, like city gardens, terraces and public spaces, as well as in care or nursing homes.

Daily-Needs has key social, environmental and economic relevance. The project had its beginnings in the DoDesign innovation project, in collaboration with MAD-faculty (Khlim/PXL), Design Culture Platform (Province of Limburg), IDE, Leuven-MRC and REcentre, and also with the support of the City of Genk and the Flemish Government. Daily-Needs was honoured two years ago with the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO as a ‘product in development’ and last year it received a Henry van de Velde Label.