Play4Boy, Jaga
The Play radiator gives maximum colour in a single radiator. The four-coloured Play4Girls or Play4Boys radiators create a playful atmosphere anywhere.

Henry van de Velde Public Award 2009

Edition 2009

Play (2007/2009)

The Child-friendly heating



Design  Jaga Ontwerpstudio


Company  Jaga


Casing in wet lacquered

MDF panels with anodised

aluminium spacers and

inbuilt thermostat switch.

Heart: Ultramodern heat

exchanger made from

aluminium and copper.


Would you prefer clean white or stylish black? Either gives the same warm feeling! Play gives off nothing but safe heat. Its low surface temperature and the rounded edges of its wooden casing satisfy the strictest safety standards. The Play provides plenty of atmosphere at home, but also in all kinds of public spaces, hospitals, child-care centres, schools... because safety and cheerfulness are now essential wherever you find lots of people together.