In Vein Foto: Isabel Rottiers
In Vein can be placed as a mirror against a wall. But when you put the sheet on its trestles, you have a marble trestle table.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

In Vein

Table with mirror


Design Ben Storms


Marble, stainless steel,

cast iron, saddle leather,

carbon, epoxy, styrofoam

74 × 200 × 100 cm

The table with mirror designed by Ben Storms came about through a mix of old and new techniques. For the leather and stonework he drew upon traditional crafts, while for blowing the stainless steel mirror, he used the technique of hydroforming, in which the mirror is blown with water pressure in a free mold. The final shape is therefore always unique. The mirror is the binding force that ensures that a lightweight marble table top weighing 35 kg can rest on trestles without the marble breaking.

In Vein Foto: Isabel Rottiers
In Vein Foto: Isabel Rottiers

Ben Storms makes sculptured objects that leave no one indifferent and that have received international acclaim. His work is to be found among other places in the collection of the French avant-garde fashion and design temple L’Eclaireur, and his most recent work, In Hale, is on display at Alexander Wang’s Flagship Store in London.