Modular Lighting Instruments found that today’s offices could use a little boost nowadays. Gerd Couckhuyt therefore designed the LED light he dubbed Vaeder, form the English verb ‘to evade’.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015




Design Gerd Couckhuyt


Company Modular Lighting



Aluminium, synthetics (ABS)

5 × 20 × 126 cm

Office lighting typically uses TL fluorescent lighting muted by slats (BAP) or a diffuser (made of polycarbonate). For Vaeder, Gerd Couckhuyt looked for a functional alternative and so came up with a honeycomb structure. In combination with a thin diffuser, the structure offers low dazzle, while the LED lights used in Vaeder make for energy-efficient and high performance office lighting.

The new lighting fits equally well in an energy-efficient and ergonomic office environment and in a home office with a taste for design. Where the office market is dominated by rigid, straight lines, Vaeder provides a creative interplay of lines. Gerd Couckhuyt says about the design: “For Vaeder the traditional symbols for man (/\) and woman (\/) appear to blend together. You see that on the end of the light. They embrace each other and form a field of tension between man-woman, dominant-elegant. Together they make for an endless source of light.”