Interior designer Koen Devos designed a box that opens in a surprisingly new manner.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015


Cupboard with a new

opening system


Design Koen Devos



MDF lacquered, MDF with

oak veneer

65 × 65 × 40 cm

“You can’t open a door without a handle, you have to be able to pull it towards you. You can hide or stylize the handles, but they are still there. That inspired me to make a cupboard door where you don’t do the work yourself but let the force of gravity open it for you. By means of a simple movement, you activate the axis of the door. The total effect is surprising and poetic. You don’t expect the door to open, let alone with such a slow, graceful sway. There are no hinges, bolts or screws. The door turns on its own axis as if on a pivot.”