Televic Interpreter Desk, foto Televic
Made has redefined the norm in its design for Televic’s new interpreter desk. User-friendliness and ergonomics were the central considerations.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

Televic Interpreter Desk 

Interpreter Desk 


Design Made


Company Televic


PC/ABS, zamak, PMMA

8,2 × 29,7 × 15,9 cm

In the design process, Made worked extensively with various user groups, including interpreters from the European Union, blind interpreters and many others. Thanks to this highly user-centered cooperation, we gleaned a wealth of insights. The re- sult is a device that makes the complex process of interpreting more pleasant, ergonomic and intuitive.

Photo Televic
Photo Televic

The Televic Interpreter Desk has already won a prestigious iF Design Award in 2015 and is regarded as the reference point on the market today.