The Stulens Manifesto came into existence during brainstorming sessions preparing the redesign of the concept store and a re-examination of its identity. Home to Offices Stulens has been designing (office) interiors since 1953. The manifesto expresses the new direction that Stulens wishes to go in: that of a well-thought out sustainability as regards production and logistics. Besides those values, Stulens seeks to be a beacon and a hothouse in design, art and culture.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

Stulens Manifest



Design Pablo Hannon (Hectica)


Company Stulens


Paper: Munken Lynx Rough,

Curious Matter

210 × 180 × 5 mm

The book is symbolic of the new path, and a tool with which to carry along people both inside and outside the firm. The book has placed the title in the middle – the essence on the cover and sample brands embrace the stories. Various typefaces serve as a guide through the inspirational landscape.

Paper and production are chosen carefully, with the concept of sustainability in mind. The cover was printed in three different colours, known as ‘Curious Matter’, ‘Adiron Blue’, ‘Desirée Red’ and ‘Andina Grey’. For the inside, Munken Lynx Rough paper was used. Green binding threads give it a fresh touch.