The teapot from the RON collection is at one and the same time a kettle and a teapot, and so can go directly from the stove to the table. If you remove the holder for loose tea, the cover can be placed on tightly, a feature useful for pouring.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

RON Teapot



Design Pieter Roex


Company BergHOFF


RVS with a satin finish

or a white coating

22 × 19 cm

About the design: “Rather than try to be revolutionary, we have tried with the RON collection to design a family of products that feels like it must have always been there. Products that stand out for its sobriety and therefore fit Dominique Pieters well with the other objects in the home. The products are designed from the traditional and refined food culture that Belgium is known for. For this reason we always look for a balance of functionality and aesthetics.

With RON we wanted to be neutral and fit into every interior. We try to design icons that will withstand the test of time. By deliberately focusing on essential, affordable tools, products with a timeless form and a minimum of packaging, we sought with RON to make a sustainable statement.”

As a designer, Pieter Roex strives to create products that he himself would really want to have, products that you can use on a daily basis and can combine them with each other.