Photo Koen Broos
Tim Oeyen and Sanny Winters about the design: “For this book, used by Igepa to promote their paper for commercial purposes, we were given carte blanche as regards the subject and execution within a given budget. Our starting point was: in times of crisis and negativism, one needs to reach back to simplicity, purity, beauty, dreams, ...

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

Once Upon A Time



Design Oeyen en Winters


Company Igepa


Paper: Z-Offset Rough,

Malmero, Multiloft

220 × 165 × 18 mm

So the idea was born to design a notebook around fairy tales. Fairy tales are current, universal, comprehensible in every language and by every target group. They are engraved in our collective memory. It often takes just one image to trigger recognition.”

Oeyen and Winters developed the concept and the graphic design of the notebook. Winters produced illustrations around ten faily tales and these were woven into the paper to be promoted. Fragments of musical text give the fairy tales extra power. The book is conceived as a real ‘notebook’ and hence there is space on the white pages to record one’s own stories, ideas and tales.

Tim Oeyen and Sanny Winters have been working together since 1997 as a designer duo. In 2004 they received the Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award.

Photo Koen Broos
Photo Koen Broos