The Nuée SHADOWS collection by Verilin is an attempt to achieve effects from nature using linen. For this design, the visual artist Liv Mathilde Méchin and the textile designer Côme Touvay drew inspiration from the chiaroscuro effects in the sky that appear with the arrival of each new season. This design was based on a research programme to develop new fibres, yarns, weaves and textile techniques that could produce the desired effects. The recurring pattern comes from a weaving formula worked out thread by thread.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015


Linnen collection


Design Liv Mathilde Méchin &

              Côme Touvay


Company Verilin


Flax, cotton, mohair, cashmere

240 × 240 cm


The most innovative aspect of Nuée SHADOWS is the refined colour and fabric nuances (dégradé) within the weaving technique. Each pixel of the drawing is included in a selected weave. All weaves in the textile must be compatible with each other in order to ensure the requisite stability. It is a durable product that ‘ages well’.

The collection consists of three variants. The Summer Sheet: a double satin sheet with a smooth, coloured external layer and on the other side a fluffy cotton for a comfortable feel. The Night Voile: a light sheet in which linen is gradually replaced by cashmere. A textile that discretely changes from the one side to the other: linen becomes cashmere, cool becomes warm. Finally, there is the Winter Sheet, a cover made of pure linen satin combined with fine mohair. The colour transitions can be found as well in the curtain fabric, bed and table linens and decorative fabrics.