Every museum can exhibit only a fraction of its entire collection. The rest is stored safely behind the scenes. There are often fascinating background stories about exhibition pieces. For the Antwerp Fashion Museum (MoMu), Studio Dos Santos devised a digital solution: an interactive touchscreen video wall that is visible and accessible even when the museum is closed. The wall consists of eight 55-inch screens that cover a total of 10 square metres.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

MoMu Collection Wall

Interactive videowall


Design  David Dos Santos


Company MoMu


2 × 5 × 1m

Because the screens are outside, the designers could not use the usual
optical touch technology, but had to develop a more complex touchscreen. Visitors can view photos and videos in five different lanuages. The video wall provides information not only about
the MoMu but the other ‘residents’ of the building as well: the Antwerp fashion academy and Flanders Fashion Institute. With this project, the MoMu is a pioneer in the field of digital opening of its archives. The technical solution was entrusted to Lab101. The project received the support of Tourism Flanders.