The Carbon Black Line is a black linear LED light made of aluminium. You can extend this lighting element as long as
you wish. The light source uses EU-patented cooLED technology, among other components.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

Carbon Black Line



Design Jan Mahieu




Aluminium, reflector, PMMA,

lighting elements

Unlimited length

× 8,4 × 4,4 cm

Designer Jan Mahieu notes: "For bed lamps, opalescent white is often used as a diffusor. But that removes around 30 % of the light in orde to produce a nice light effect. I found a black synthetic that removes less of the light, and yet provides lovely and unique lens and lighting effects. 

The Carbon Black Line started out actually as an experiment. The combination of black and a light frame was original and I found it exciting to develop a light line that could be jet black when it’s turned off, and that once switched on gives as much light as any other lamp, with a fine aesthetic effect as well as good light throw.”

The idea and the surprising effects of the Carbon Black Line have also fascinated others, and the light frame soon received a number of international nominations and design prizes, such as the iF Award in Germany and the Green Good Design Award 2015 in the United States. At this moment, the first installations are being carried out. A large pendulum structure will be installed in the head office of Deutsche Telekom, and they are working on a variant for recessed lighting.