Bringme Box, foto Frederik Vercruysse
The Bringme Box is a smart box with twenty or more compartments in which a courier can deposit packages whether you are there or not. A Bringme Box at work, for example, is very handy; and you don’t have to sit at home waiting
for a delivery or ring your neighbour’s doorbell to collect your package or line up at a post office to send something back. You just take it out of the box before leave for home. And you can also use it to send or return something.

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015

Bringme Box

Smart mailbox


Design Made


Company Bringme


Solid core material with

a capacitive touch

209,6 × 153,7 × 58 cm

Bringme can handle a lot more than parcels. Not only can couriers access the box, but also your ironing service, shoemaker, friends, family or local merchants that you would otherwise not be able to get to before they close.

Made has translated the revolutionary concept of Bringme to all facets for which a user may wish to use it, including the mobile application, interactive kiosk and smart box. Uniformity across the entire user cycle was a must. For this purpose, the Bringme App fits in perfectly with the Bringme Box and vice versa, making Bringme and its superior user experience unique in the sector.

Photo Frederik Vercruysse
Photo Frederik Vercruysse

At present you can find the Bringme Box in use mainly at businesses and apartment buildings, for which the product, by comparison with its competitors, is much closer to the consumer.

A not insignificant point: the Bringme Box has a beneficial effect on the environment and mobility. Couriers save up to 50 % in journeys since they can combine pick-ups and drop-offs, and items can be delivered at any time. Nor does the courier have to return a second time. All in all, less chaos on the road and less CO2 in the atmosphere.