Austere-T-bureaulamp, foto Hans Verstuyft
The Austere-T desk lamp with LED lighting is a sober design, or as the designer himself describes it; “A little bell-shaped light that is reminiscent of a lantern or streetlight. It appears to feel at home anywhere. The power of
its simplicity makes it a straightforward object but with a mysterious lamination. The structure of the bracket is subtle and functional. With its limited number of parts, alternative models can be developed for a wall, floor or ceiling.”

Henry van de Velde Labels 2015

Edition 2015


Desk lamp


Design Hans Verstuyft


Company Trizo21


Brass, brass with patina finish,

powder laquer

120 × 5 × 40 cm

The Austere family is part of a collection by Trizo21, a specialist in architectural lighting. This Belgian company has been in existence for more than fifteen years and sells sober, well-made designs ‘with a light-hearted, optimistic touch’, as its founder Bruno Van Meenen likes to say.

Photo Hans Verstuyft
Photo Hans Verstuyft

Hans Verstuyft has been working as an architect since 1992 and finds that a sober design is essential in these days of excess. Regarding the choice of name for his design: “I wanted a word that suggests ‘calm, no-frill, subtle’. So I came upon the term ‘austere’, which works in English and French as well. I found the word very appropriate, almost evident and expresses in a straightforward manner what the lamp is.”